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The site includes a new user-friendly search for films and TV series (top right bar). Now you can filter out, for example, all the films in the genre ‘comedy’ or TV show in the genre ‘drama’ that start at “A”. You asked us about this opportunity and here it is available on the site. Test the new search, and share comments and suggestions. Thank you for stying with us!


Keep2share Offer

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Attention, this is an offer from our sharing service partners. Everyone who buys an account keep2share for 3 months — will receive a gift + 30 days of free access. And users who buy account for 1 year – will receive “Lifetime” account.

The offer is valid until 31 July 2015 (inclusive).



Hello guys. We have two great news today. We have slightly changed the design of the links to download. Now, hopefully, it will be easier to navigate a file to download. The second news is – you can report the problem if the link doesn’t work. (more…)


You order — We add!

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how to order tv series


After a short break, we accept orders for placing movies and TV series again. So if we miss something to add on our website – feel free to write your suggestions here. We will try to find a necessary content as soon as possible, and place it on a site. We are glad that you are with us!


The latest movies – on LoadTV!

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We begin to fulfill your wishes, dear users. From now we will load more new movies in high quality. By the way, you can also get acquainted with 250+ movies, which are already available on the site. We remind you, films are located in “Movies Only” tab –



We remind you that we have a RSS feed. You will always be aware of all site updates by subscribing it.

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Dear friends, we have prepared a new kind of links to download files. Please take a look and tell us which variant is best: new or old?

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Old form: //




Hello guys!

We need your advice. What do you want to see on our site? What would make our service better?
Write your propositions in the comments to this post. We will implement the best of them! Thank U!



Dear users, we are happy to announce 10 winners:

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Please, we are asking all of mentioned users to write to John Crego for taking the award.

P.S. The first who write to us have a right to choose which account he/she wants to get (nitroflare or keep2shate (publish2)). That’s why tell us in the message what sharing service you are using to and your login out there.

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